Here are some new tracks you should take a listen to from Pleasure Craft, Johnny Payne and Fade Awaays. They all have a different take on clubs, drinking, mass social situations and entertaining. Read what they have to say below and don’t forget to take a listen!

Pleasure Craft – Work It Out

Pleasure Craft is the musical endeavour of Toronto based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Sam Lewis. Originally from Saltspring Island B.C. Lewis spent his adolescence training to become a pilot, but after a year living alone in Malaysia at 18, he changed course and moved to Toronto to study jazz trumpet. In 2017 Lewis released his debut single, Everybody Wants Some under the moniker Pleasure Craft and a year later released his follow-up, EP1.
Pleasure Craft’s new track “Work It Out” is formed from a mix of electronic and acoustic elements featuring 80s sounds and dynamic vocal performances.

Johnny Payne – All Messed Up

My new song means exactly what it says. There’s no mystery behind it. It’s literal. I was “All Messed Up” one night, and it made for a great story.

I went out to a club with some friends to see a band play. When the band finished, my friends wanted to leave but I wasn’t ready to. The club had a changeover at midnight; it went from a music venue to an all-out dance club. I decided to hang around and see what all the fuss was about. Groups of kids funnelled in, and it quickly became a wild, sweaty dance party. I was out of place, for sure, but the crowd was welcoming and helped keep both my momentum and confidence up. I finished one drink after another with purpose, until I had a moment of uncertainty about how far deep I was in this goofy scene. But, when you’re that far along, sometimes the only thing you can do is keep going and let it all sort itself out. A good friend told me that once.

I eventually made my way outside for some air, but when I went to rejoin the party, I was met with a firm hand to the chest; the bouncer informed me I was too drunk to go back in. I told him to look down at my feet – I was barefoot. Apparently, I had taken my shoes off to dance at one point, and left them somewhere in the bar. He let me go back in to find them but said I had to leave again right away once I had them. Of course, I went straight back to the dance floor. I don’t remember getting home that night, but when I woke up the next morning, I immediately sat down at the piano to gulp out this tune.

I’m ready to tell the truth. I’m pissed off and I’m in love with show business all at once. I don’t want to mess around anymore – except in all the fun ways.

Fade Awaays – As They Do

As They Do” is our newest single since releasing our debut EP in January. It originally started out as two different songs within the band before we transposed one, combining the two into the arrangement we have now! As the writing on it progressed, the sound that we wanted began to take shape. With the heavy guitars and four-part harmonies taking a lot of influence from Britpop, “As They Do” also has a slight psych-pop element. 

This song is about being in a mass social situation – the buzz of being in a huge group of people whether it’s at a gig seeing your favourite band or watching your beloved football team score. “They” in “As They Do” represents a passionate crowd. The track was produced by Sam Arion and engineered by Milan Sirkadi at two of Toronto’s best studios – Dreamhouse and Joao Carvalho Mastering.