Q1, Would you like to introduce yourself?
We’re a bunch of liberal arts students-turned acoustic folk musicians from Toronto. We use fiddle, mandolin, cello, guitar and voice to make music that takes some inspiration from traditional folk music, and then runs amok with it.

Q2, Do you share the same taste in food as your partner?
As a band, no. The twins have an budget-bending taste for very expensive cheeses, and Yas’ tastes are very mood-dependent. Although, we did make a barley soup on the studio hotplate that was really quite nice.

Q3, How old do you feel?

The age of someone who’s been a dad for long enough to really settle into that social role. Let’s say 47.

Q4, What causes would you actually fight for?
Climate change and America’s treatment of immigrants, both documented and undocumented.

Q5, What is the worst type of discrimination you have come up against?
Yasmine has faced racism as well as deaf jokes for her unilateral hearing loss. Doesn’t stop her from being an absolutely devastating singer.

Q6, When did you last feel guilty?
Someone had the idea to bring this giant Persian rug to put on stage for our most recent show, but we forgot to pack it up when we finished. By the time we realized, the next band had already set up on it, so they had to move all their gear for us to get our rug back. It was mortifying.

Q7, Where do you draw the line with publicity shots?
Anything particularly dark or serious is absolutely off limits.

Q8, And, most importantly, what is your favourite type of cookie?
A chocolate chip cookie with an oreo baked into the middle.