Hi Our Basement,

I am releasing a new song from my forthcoming EP, the song is called Rolling Night (release date July 31, 2019), I would be very grateful if you featured it at some point on your website.

I wrote Rolling Night last year around April, a few months after I had just completed my first EP and was in the process of coming up with songs for a new recording. The song’s lyrics are a mix of family history and summer memories. I have some very vivid and fond memories of my childhood summers there, which mostly took place where my mom currently lives in the Laurentians near Morin Heights and Lachute Quebec.

Ever since I was a teen we would have parties and celebrations at an old large log clubhouse that was part of our volunteer run golf & country club. There would be bon-fires, corn-boiling, guitars/singing and inevitably at some point the streakers would come out.

My cousin, who was a Canadian air force f-18 pilot once came all the way from Ottawa during a family celebration and did a flyby on the lake where our cottage is. It was also during this time that he was not pleased with what was happening in Canadian politics, he purposely made a sonic boom over the parliament buildings. And I think broke a few windows in the process. As a tribute to these references his kids are both playing on this song (Nick & Jake Boyd). Nick on Bass, Jake on drums.

My new EP should be out by September or early October.

Thank you!
Melted Wings [aka Michael (Wynnzie) Wynn]