Hello Our Basement,

I was really feeling the vibe of my Motown LP collection when working on “Playing With Fire,” the latest track I’m sharing with you today from my debut album, Lounge Singer.

It’s got a happy vibe that makes you want to move your feet!

While on a trip in the Sunshine Coast, I wrote some songs for Lounge Singer. I came up with the melody of “Playing With Fire” on the ferry and started writing the words on my mini keyboard while watching my niece and nephews try to build a campfire. As they threw on more and more cardboard, paper and things that made the fire flare up unnecessarily, the chorus of this new song just fell into place. I finished writing it within a few days.

I am really excited to release Lounge Singer in its entirety on October 4th.

Thanks for the support,
Dan Moxon