Hello Our Basement,

Absorb and lose yourself in the layers of music.

After five years of work with Seratone Studio’s Simon Petraki, I’m gearing up to release the debut, self-produced Venus Furs LP in 2020. “Guards in the Garden” is the newest single to be heard from the album.

Inspired by 60s and 90s Britrock, as well as Motown, the lyrics to “Guards in the Garden” unfolded through stream-of-consciousness writing and took inspiration from windy late night drives and decaying urban infrastructure.

“Guards in the Garden” is one of the album’s two tracks with a brass section – a real treat to record, and mixed to encapture retro vibes.

I really appreciate you taking the time to listen! Stay tuned to hear more new singles leading up to the release of my debut record, as well as lots of upcoming tour dates.

Venus Furs – Paul Kasner