Hi Our Basement,

“On My Own” is a song that I love, first & foremost.

It takes me to a place tinged with the familiarity of the past, touched by the future, and grounded in the now. Recorded solely using vintage gear, it features the Mini Moog and Prophet 5, with drums programmed on the iconic Linn 9000.

I created this song for the listener who appreciates in equal parts the new, the old, and the obscure. The bassline is all ‘80s – dark but somehow hopeful, complemented by synth and drums full of momentum that’ll make you want to move.

With an eye on the year ahead, I look forward to working more on my new material from my forthcoming EP, stepping outside of my usual routine of making productions (Drake, Eminem, 50 Cent, P!nk) for other artists.

This is “On My Own” – turn up the volume, take it in, and dance!
Chin Injeti