Q1, Would you like to introduce yourself?
Hello there! My name is Rose Cora Perry and I’m the singer, songwriter and guitarist for award-winning Canadian rock band, The Truth Untold.

Q2, Are you happier being called by your real name or your stage name?
My legal name is a highly guarded secret that is only of knowledge to the government and close family members 😉 Don’t make me get out those cement shoes!

Q3, How successful do you think you are?
Success is all in how you define it. Today’s world is far too obsessed with monetary success as the sole indication of someone “winning” at life. But, if someone is wealthy yet unfulfilled and unhappy are they really “successful”?

I’m happy, I’m healthy, I have a lifestyle that allows me to do what I love, I’m surrounded by those that are important to me and I’ve got great supporters standing behind my efforts. That to me is success 🙂 and I’m tremendously thankful for it.

Q4, Were you a healthy child?
I was raised by two acclaimed athletes – one of whom is a professional fitness trainer/nutritionist – so we never had junk nor booze in my household growing up.

I didn’t even know what KD was until I was a teenager fending for myself!

Q5, What has been your most glorious failure?
Lol that’s a fantastic question and excellent choice on the word “glorious” !

I’ve definitely had some homeruns at missing the mark but they’ve helped me grow up and learn from my mistakes.

Using a brand new guitar, for example, at a gig when I was a teen and not understanding why no sound was coming out of the PA only to have the soundguy ask me (through the house speakers!) if I turned the volume knob up was pretty embarrassing. Lol. Note to self: never publicly perform with an instrument you’ve never played on before!

Smashing my front tooth off of a microphone and having to get it filed down by my dentist so I didn’t have a permanent front-facing fang was another great moment.

Accidentally stepping on my patch cord as I was just about to rip into a guitar intro and losing sound momentarily (I should mention this happened at The Whisky a Go Go!) was pretty hysterical. I told the crowd I obviously meant for that to happen to see if they were paying attention. Obviously 😉

I suppose whether something is a “glorious failure” is all about perspective. I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older that it’s a lot better for the soul to be able to try and laugh these moments off rather than have a hissy fit. I still get peeved when an epic failure happens that’s outside of my control but when it’s due to my own dorkiness, well it’s actually pretty funny in retrospect.

Oh and I also once wrote an email to a booker about a show we had played the night prior with the email subject line reading “About Last Night”. The booker was quite forthcoming about how that could’ve been misinterpreted…yeah – didn’t even occur to me. Little naive Rose!

Q6, When did you last have a hair cut?
This month…unintentionally. Long story.

Q7, Who should take the most credit for your success
Myself. I’ve never had any handouts.

Q8, And, most importantly, what is your favourite type of cookie?
I try to steer clear of sweets as once I have one, I want the whole box but anything with a chocolate coconut mix is a flavour marriage made in heaven.