Hey Our Basement,

“Dungeon,” written with Dead Romance, is based on my experience with an ex-lover/master.

It was intoxicating and dangerous, lustful and uninhibited, all consuming and entirely toxic.

“Dungeon” is about acknowledging your own recklessness and embracing danger and desire. This song is meant to be heard as though hearing a secret, and meant to be felt like criminals making love on the run.

The collaborative process with Dead Romance was smooth and almost effortless. We were creating from a genuine place and because of that, the song is as organic and honest as we could hope for.

Humans are complicated, and most of us have demons, yet to be conquered.

“Dungeon” is about those days when you want nothing more than to give in to whatever vices you may have.

Feed the demons today; fight them tomorrow.

Thanks for listening!