Q1, Would you like to introduce yourself?
My name is Keegan Trumpour – I am a 26 year old musician from a small town called Midland, Ontario. Currently I’m in living in Toronto making my music and cooking up some food at a really great restaurant.

Q2, How would you rate yourself as a flirt?
I think I’m a horrible flirt unless I know someone quite well, so more oft than not, I’m flirtatious in platonic relationships rather than being flirtatious where and when I ought to be. I’m generally quite quiet upon meeting someone for the first time. I suppose that makes me rather poor at it, so I’ll give myself a 3/10.

Q3, How successful do you think you are?
I’m out here living every day, getting by, so I think I’m rather successful in that capacity, just as we all are. Life’s not always easy, but to persevere and to experience the beauty of it all on a daily basis is about as successful as one can be. That said, I’ve got aspirations bigger than me, so I won’t be claiming a 10/10 just yet.

Q4, What are your phobias?
As moribund as a lot of my lyrics are and a lot of the jokes I have a tendency to make are, I fear death in a lot of ways. I fear the death of those I love and know, and I fear my own death in that all my love and knowledge may come to a halt. I used to be afraid of heights, but that was when I was quite little. On very rare occasions, I have had trouble breathing because of asthma – that’s always pretty terrifying.

Q5, What has been your most glorious failure?
Either previous romances or songs that I’ve written – romance in that I’ve shared wonderful and glorious times and experiences with incredible people, but they were all destined or doomed for failure in the end. Songs, in that writing and immortalizing a sonic idea like we do is such a beautiful and significant thing, but failure in the sense that sometimes we immortalize concepts that we ought not to – the then-intent is to capture or understand a feeling and make something useful out of it, to give meaning and to help any folks you can to understand their own pain and love and loss and feeling. Sometimes doing all this can feel pretty trite and tiresome, but it’s always inevitably paramount. I love what I do, all glorious failures aside and all glorious failures considered.

Q6, When were you last hungover?
On the 30th of October after my last performance. And boy was I hungover.

Q7, Would you rather eat 2 cloves of garlic or 6 spoons of cod liver oil?
2 cloves of garlic, definitely. Especially since there was no specification of whether I can cook it or not. But still, even raw, garlic every time.

Q8, And, most importantly, what is your favourite type of cookie?
Oh boy. Tough one. I’m not much of a sweets person, but a good macadamia nut cookie would probably be the winner.