Hey Our Basement,

We’ve been sucked into a tour / TV wormhole for a little while, but now we’re ready to share our new single “Limerence.”

The song is inspired by the all consuming/crushing feeling you get when you initially feel drawn to another person. It feels like there are butterflies in your stomach made of razor blades.

It’s simultaneously amazing and awful when you feel powerful yet vulnerable, and wondering if your feelings are reciprocated can be actual torture.

We shot the song’s video ourselves on Wards Island, one of the Toronto Islands, which we consider to be the most magical place on earth.

“Limerence” is truly about getting crushed by your crush, and the feelings that coincide with that.

We wanted to tell a story about how exciting it is to feel like you are falling in love, juxtaposed by feeling terrified that the other person might not be falling as hard as you.

Lust is a double edged sword.

Thank you for listening!