Hey Our Basement!

“Holiday” is a song most people can relate to; when you’ve been working at the same job, doing the same shit every day to the point where you might lose your mind.

This new single was inspired by our time living in a sketchy apartment. Working full-time with completely different schedules meant that we barely saw each other. We wanted to get away from all the craziness and just spend time together.

A break from real life – a “Holiday.”

“Holiday” was written in our studio space. We came up with a fun chord progression and the lyrics came shortly after. Once the melody and lyrics were solidified, we brought it all to our producers – Bubele Booi and David Balshaw – who we knew would make the song come to life instrumentally.

It turned into such a vibe!

Remember to take time out of life to live and make memories you’ll never forget. 😊

much love xx