Hey Our Basement,

My new single, “Gladstone,” is an interpretation of a certain state that often captures me: one of extreme thoughts that consume me.

The song’s lyrics follow looping, circular thoughts that eventually lead to an outburst.

The refrain – Gladstone glass of wine, throw it out the window – is a reference to a conversation I had with a friend at the Gladstone in Toronto.

I was telling her how it was a particularly volatile time for me, that I’d been having these episodes where I wanted to do things like throw all my socks out of the window of the twentieth story of my boyfriend’s apartment just to watch them dance their way to the ground.

ModMaxx and I produced “Gladstone” together in his apartment, where we worked to communicate a fragmented mood that still has a structure to it, rooted in repetitive patterns.

Thanks for checking out the song. I will be sharing my debut EP with you in the new year.
Blair Lee