Q1, Would you like to introduce yourself?
Hi, my name’s Keith Mosfet and I’m an alcoholic.

Q2, Did you send a card last Valentine’s day?
No, I am more of a Valentines day flowers kind of guy.

Q3, How successful do you think you are?
Tremendously unsuccessful. But probably not terrible.

Q4, Were you a healthy child?
Nope. I’ve been an asthmatic my whole life. Pale skin and lots of sun burns too. Being poor and neglected probably didn’t help.

Q5, What things embarrass you?
The shame of how unsuccessful I am.

Q6, When did you last feel guilty?
This morning. I didn’t finish the free yogurt we got at work for breakfast.

Q7, Where do you draw the line with publicity shots?
I hate them. I really dislike having to take photo’s of myself for advertising. So having being forced to do it I never want to do something normal. I’d rather be in an interesting setting or something something artistic or funny.

Q8, And, most importantly, what is your favourite type of cookie?
I like them chocolate peanut butter cookies. Dipped in milk. Reminds me of my few happy childhood moments.