Our Basement,

Our new track, “As I See You,” is inspired by the deepening distance between two souls when we forget to love ourselves.

This song is taken from our upcoming sophomore album, Iris, which we will share with you in full on June 12th.

Under the production expertise of Gus Van Go and Werner F., “As I See You” took shape by pulling from calm and thoughtful emotions to create a song that you can slow dance to, with a partner, a ghost, or by yourself.

This song is a reminder that by embracing those who love us within ourselves, we can find a sense of home and belonging in our own skin. By caring for the environment around us, we also care for ourselves.

We are eager to share the rest of Iris with you in the coming months. Our hope is that you can gently reflect upon your relationship with yourself through listening to “As I See You.”

Thank you for your time,