Hello Our Basement,

There are times when the arts call for activism and social duty, and there are times when you want to inspire people to have a good time and forget about their worries. This is one of those songs.

It’s about how fiery love can magically show up in your life, and seem too good to be true, as if something otherworldly that orchestrated it.

Working with French producer RED ROCKERZ, the beats we get our hands on tend to be more uplifting with happy vibes. This came out of a late-night session where we were laughing around, having fun, and in super playful moods. “Jungle Night” really nails that energy.

We touch base on the idea of light and dark. Life has its low points and it also has its ups. So enjoy those highs and when you’re stuck in a low just remember there are better times around the corner.

This year, I’m releasing a new single per season followed by an album in the late summer titled, 3 EYE HIP. Hope you stick around with me on this crazy ride!

Joey Stylez