Hi Our Basement,

Like a lot of people, I’ve struggled for a long time with anxiety and depression. The thing that’s helped me the most over the years is music, as a listener, writer, and performer.

“Lighter Side Of Blue,” taken from my upcoming sophomore album, Passages (out May 22nd), is ultimately a hopeful song that tells a bit of that story — of music offering a way out of mental strife.

It was produced by Jonathan Anderson at his country studio in Maple Ridge, BC. This was the last song we recorded for the album, and we weren’t sure it fit with the other songs at first. When we played through a version of it with myself on guitar and Jon on piano, we both realized it was something special.

Through the writing of “Lighter Side Of Blue,” I was trying to capture both the feeling of being overwhelmed by feelings you can’t really explain away logically and the relief I have so often found in music.

This song is a reminder to go and do something that brings you some peace, especially if you’re in the middle of a dark place.

Thank you for listening,
Zaac Pick