Hi Our Basement,

My new song, “Daydreams” explores the oscillations between love and enmity, a reality I’ve dealt with in all my relationships including the one I have with myself.

Playful keys barely mask ominous lyrics as bouncing melodies blossom around dark thoughts. Like plucking petals, I composed the music and lyrics so that the listener never knows where l will land.

Like all of my songs, I wrote and produced “Daydreams.”

The video for “Daydreams” was shot in Mexico, just before travel restrictions were put into place due to COVID-19. Directed and edited by Sammy Rawal (Elton John, Cardi B), the video mirrors the song’s creepy aesthetic. Rawal’s signature imagery blurs the line between dream and nightmare; a Groundhog day that is as beautiful as it is terrifying.

With love,
Very Very