Today sees the release of the latest track from New Fries marking the beginning of the run up to the release of their next album, Is The Idea Of Us, on August 7th.

You may not be aware of them yet, but New Fries have something of a legendary status within Toronto’s experimental music scene. After receiving praise from places like The FADER, NPR, VICE for their 2016 record MORE (produced by Graham Walsh from Holy Fuck), they took a couple years to restructure and rethink when their synth player left the band in 2018, landing on a setup “that allowed us to be curious about being in transition”. This provided scope to delve deeper into the musical ideas they explored on their past records ultimately leading to the even more experimental approach that can be found on this record.

They recorded Is The Idea Of Us with Carl Didur (Zacht Automaat, formerly US Girls), who acted as a collaborator as a whole, rather than simply an engineer. Together they created a record that is an exploration of space and repetition, a collage of six songs and free flowing ideas that discovers itself as it progresses, the music finding its way as you listen along.