Hey Our Basement,

“Long Way Home” is a re-work of a song I wrote titled “Sleeping Pill” during a period of depression caused by separation from my family.

The guilt affected me, and I turned to sleeping pills. I would have vivid dreams about my mom chiding me for being away for so long, and of members of my family disowning me. It even got so bad to where I’d dream about my brothers and sisters dying in horrible car accidents before I could tell them how much they meant to me.

After having taken some time away from the original song, and hearing it during a particularly awful day of isolation, we knew that it was more relevant now than ever. “Long Way Home” rings true with what a lot of people are learning in these chaotic times, that we don’t need to be physically together to feel each other’s presence.

Isolation is just an idea. We are connected no matter what forces may persuade us that this isn’t the case. Now I’m dreaming about returning home to a family holding balloons and welcome signs. Perhaps it is a time of returning to one’s roots. I hope this song will be a celebration of that.

Nate Daniels (½ of TOM BOY)