Hey Our Basement,

“Loser” first appeared on my self-titled record, released this past September. I brought in Ria Mae to add her own touch to the song for the version of it that is a part of my Part II Project, continuing the album’s story.

This song was inspired by the inner monologue that often happens for me when I’m trying to work out how to open up to someone about my feelings.

Being vulnerable is hard and it always brings me face to face with the parts of myself I wonder if anyone will ever be able to love, or love around.

It was a lot of fun to dive back into the song after about a year away from working on it. I loved the idea that Ria and I could change the shape and the form of the song if we wanted to, that we could breathe fresh life into it by having her come into the studio.

I hope this song allows you to tap into the things which are sometimes really hard to say. It’s powerful to embrace the awkward, the vulnerable, and the uncertain times in our lives, especially now.

When I wrote “Loser,” I felt like I was reclaiming a piece of myself, and I hope anyone listening feels the opportunity to do the same.

Stay tuned for more reinterpretations from my record!
T. Thomason & Ria Mae