Hey Our Basement,

“Midnight Carlight” is the lead single off our upcoming sophomore album.

The song is about feeling trapped in a relationship and the doubt that comes from that. If it’s harder than the last one, why should the relationship continue? What’s the gain when there is so much pain? It’s the frustration of wanting something so bad, but it’s continually getting harder.

The beat for this song was recorded on New Years Eve 2017 – just a drum machine, chords, the bass line, and the “meow” sound. TJ was standing outside of a friend’s house party when he had this strong gut feeling that he needed to go home and record an idea circulating in his mind. We were also so stoked to have legendary Canadian soul vocalist Dawn Pemberton on the recording; singing the chorus together was absolute magic.

It’s really quite a journey of a song. We hope you pull something different away each time you listen!

xx Sam the Astronaut (Garrison Johnson and TJ Gibson)