Q1, Would you like to introduce yourself?
Only if you’re interested in meeting me! My name is Gareth Inkster and I’m an independent musician from Hamilton, Ontario. I’m 28.

Q2, Are you a good cook?
I consider myself in the middle of the pack on this one. I have some friends who don’t know what salt is, and others who have alchemist-level knowledge of spices and herbs. I try to make as much as I can from scratch, and it usually does the trick.

Q3, How successful do you think you are?
This is a hard one to answer briefly, but I’ll have a go. I suppose it depends on which metric of success we’re using. Am I a “successful musician?” Not really. I’m not hauling in big paychecks and coasting until my next release. Am I a happy person? Mostly. The music hustle is real though, and it can become difficult to distinguish between investing wisely in a meaningful future, and sacrificing meaningful things on the altar of a pipe dream. I’ve definitely done the latter a few too many times. Ultimately though, I’m making music I love and staying in the black, and at the end of the day, that’s not too different from success.

Q4, What causes would you actually fight for?
Well, I really care about the planet – especially the north of Ontario, so sustaining biodiversity is up there for me. That said, I don’t love the idea of fighting, if we’re talking literally.

Q5, What was the last movie you saw?
Hahaha, well, contrary to my previous answer, I just watched a documentary on the Hawker Hurricane – a British fighter plane from WWII.

Q6, When were you last hungover?
It’s been a few months, actually. I was having a rough go in the fall and spent an irresponsible friday night at a divey karaoke bar with some friends and paid for it the next day. Maybe I’m Amazed is much higher than you remember.

Q7, Where do you draw the line with publicity shots?
Hahah I’ve never had much of a definitive style. I own very few clothes, really, so I’ve never tried anything too out-there, and I kinda like it that way. I suppose my desire to not look like I care about how I look loses its authenticity and becomes ironically self-defeating pretty quick, but maybe that will change.

Q8, And, most importantly, what is your favourite type of cookie?
Oh man. Depends on the season, I think. I love a well-iced sugar cookie or empire cookie with tea at Christmas, but I’d love a fresh chocolate chunk any other time of the year. Always with a tea or coffee, though. I’ll make a cup of tea just to have it with the cookie if I need to.