Our Basement,

If you hate, sit down.

If you love with an asterisk that excludes others solely for being different, sit down.

If you choose to take for yourself and leave nothing for others, sit down.

If you intentionally hurt others or the planet for your own gains, sit down.

Our new single, “Stand Up,” was intended to be a little cheeky, but was also written as a simple wish for love to prevail and for all the haters to just sit down and listen.

If you decide to learn, to care, and to love with no exception – stand up.

Our voices are our most powerful tool. If we have the privilege to learn, we can fight for things that matter to us.

Knowledge, understanding, and empathy often walk together. While we all make mistakes and it may be the trickier path to take, it is more rewarding to stand up for something than to stay seated.

Thank you for your time,