Hey Our Basement,

When I wrote “Seventeen,” I was reflecting on my high school experiences, thinking about how every little thing that happened at that age seemed so important.

It’s a satirical look back on the 4 years that seemed like my entire world, where most of my responsibilities and goals were involved in this building that I went to everyday. I perhaps put more weight on certain things that didn’t require it, with teachers constantly stressing the importance of a University education.

There’s nothing wrong with planning for what’s next. I’m personally quite terrible at looking into the future and planning it out, so my hope is that this song inspires a feeling of contentment with where you are right here, right now.

Produced by Rob Laska of the band Valley, this song is definitely the furthest that we’ve stretched our sound to date, and we have more musical surprises in store for you.

– Dan // Sneaker Club