Q1, Would you like to introduce yourself?
Hey! I am Mandy McMillan. Singer, Songwriter, Adventurer.
I’m originally from a small town just west of Edmonton, Alberta in Canada, but I’ve spent most of the last ten years in Nashville where I play a mix of country, pop, and rock all blended into one.
Right now, I’m in a boho-themed trailer in Alberta for the summer and catching my dreams with my new single “Dream Catcher”. We filmed the video in the early part of the year in Arizona and it perfectly captures where I am in life right now.

Q2, Are you a good cook?
I would like to think so! Haha I have been plant-based/ vegan for about 7 years now and have loved learning to veganize the standard favorite dishes. A lot of what I cook can be trial and error so there have been a few not-so-tasty meals made on this journey, but I’d say overall I’m doing alright!

Q3, How would you rate yourself as a flirt?
Oh good gosh! Haha! I would rate myself as a horrible flirt. I embrace all things awkward and that just gets amplified when it comes to flirting!
My best spot for a good flirting interaction would probably be on the dance floor, but there’s about a 99% chance that you would see me doing the robot! So unless someone is game to join me and be ridiculous together, I’ll usually be out there busting a move by myself!

Q4, To what extent do you plan your future?
I definitely like to make plans or – at the very least – have ideas of what I would like to achieve in the future. I am never 100% set on how it needs to turn out, though! I like to follow my intuition and embrace the journey as it comes. I believe the best adventures are those that are unplanned!

Q5, What things embarrass you?
My most embarrassing moment would have to go back to my grade 9 school trip to the waterpark. After surviving a ride down the waterslide I walked out of the pool and one of my friends shouted out that my top needed adjusting. In the heat of the moment I quickly tugged at my bathing suit top to then have it come completely off which left me standing there flashing my entire grade AND the whole “west wing” of the pool – fun times!
At this point, I’ve had so many embarrassing moments in the past that I’ve learned to roll with them, so it now takes a lot to embarrass this girl!
Those moments have actually led into some of my greatest highlights. As I said earlier, I fully embrace everything awkward. Embarrassing moments are just part of the adventure, so bring it on!

Q6, When was the last time you laughed until you cried?
I am blessed to say just a few weeks ago! I was driving from Nashville to Canada with one of my best friends and podcast host Carli Kahl, who is the queen of quirky! When both of our energies are put together, there’s nothing but laughter and fun that comes from that! She put on a Dane Cook comedy show as we were driving and we had to turn it off because we were laughing so hard!

Q7, Who is your favourite actor?
Right now, it is Daniel Levy! I don’t watch much TV at all but over the past couple months of quarantine, I have started watching “Schitt’s Creek” and let me tell ya, it has become my new favorite. The comedy in that show is flawless and Daniel Levy is a genius writer. Also fun that he’s Canadian. I’m laughing just thinking about it… Ewwww David 🙂

Q8, And, most importantly, what is your favourite type of cookie?
That would hands down have to be an Oreo! And fun fact, they’re accidentally vegan. Take that bad boy, top it with some peanut butter and you have the most beautiful snack the world has to offer!