Q1, Would you like to introduce yourself?
My name is Aimee-Jo Benoit, I am a vocalist, collaborator, and mother from Calgary, Alberta. I have been working as a Jazz musician for nearly 20 years, and have participated in multiple genres as a member of Woodpigeon, Hermitess’ Witch Choir, and as a supporting vocalist for Aaron Booth, The Summerlad and others.

Q2, Did you ever run away from home?
I never ran away, but definitely locked out as the last of 4 children!

Q3, If you could relive one moment in your life, which would it be?
The birth of my children.

Q4, To what extent do you plan your future?
I’ve learned over time that it’s very difficult to exact out a plan for the future, but I try to prepare for whatever comes my way by lowering my expectations.
Q5, What things embarrass you?
Bodily fluids, my own anger.

Q6, When were you last hungover?

Q7, Which is your favourite TV show?
HBO’s Carnivale. Only had 2 seasons and never let me down.

Q8, And, most importantly, what is your favourite type of cookie?
Brulée Bakery’s Baci Cookie, which I have had to master at home now that they are closed! It has melted chocolate, dried apricot, white chocolate and is oh so decadent.