Our Basement,

“Designer Lies” is a polite way of saying f you to an ex, a ghoster, a leave-you-on-read kind of guy who gets caught up in wanting to live a boujee life, and lacks self-worth.

The one who feels the need to come in and out of your life when convenient.

This song is about an ex who continued to play with my heart and live this farce lifestyle; claiming behind closed doors that he isn’t like other guys but in public did the exact opposite.

Don’t allow yourself to be pushed around. He isn’t worth your time.

“Designer Lies” is a page out of my journal, and my way of saying goodbye. Shout out to all the “ghosters” out there. 💋

Produced by Tal Vaisman, this was my first recording experience as an artist, and the process was everything I could have wanted. I’ll have an EP to share with you soon. Thank you for listening.