Our Basement,

The documentary, Radium City, which focuses on the women who died of radium poisoning due to their work painting it onto clock dials in the 1920s, was a huge influence on our new song.

I began having dreams of these ghost-like figures, claiming to be the dead girls themselves, re-telling their story and asking for a song.

“Radium Girls” came about as a modern cautionary tale, using these historical figures as analogies to universal life experiences.

It’s easy to look back, laugh and think it couldn’t happen to us. But our lives are being taken advantage of at almost every turn these days.

The song evokes a campy and a tongue in cheek attitude because it’s about owning and re-contextualizing the tragedy, not dwelling in it.

The song’s video harnesses the energy of the music, with a theatrical style which brings the Radium Girls back as a lone band playing in an operating theatre to keep their memory alive.

The story behind this song is just an anecdotal bit of proof that we don’t always know what’s behind the veil, until it’s too late. It’s best to be skeptical over everything without getting too nihilistic.

Thanks for taking the time to engage with this track,
The Nursery