Hi Our Basement,

“Paper Plain” is a poetic stream of consciousness exposing my paper-thin human heart and its desire to express love freely, but in reality, my feelings are faded words stuck inside crumpled ideas.

Writing “Paper Plain” was rough, having developed feelings for someone I knew I shouldn’t. I actually discarded the song, because I didn’t like exposing my conflicted nature.

Months passed, and I experienced yet another short-lived relationship, feeling quite frustrated at my heart.

I wanted the freedom to love someone, but instead, was brought low in my confusion, expressing through tears and lament, very weak prayers. In the end, I opened the crumpled idea “Paper Plain” was and tried to iron out its creases.

I love the feeling of the simple groove carried by mostly two chords – not my regular style. We recorded the drums in a garage, using an old mattress as sound proofing and decided on my bedroom vocal take over a pristine studio.

This song reveals my weaknesses. Simply put, I am human, and so are you.

Jenny Banai