Jenny Banai – Paper Plain

Hi Our Basement, "Paper Plain" is a poetic stream of consciousness exposing my paper-thin human heart and its desire to express love freely, but in reality, my feelings are faded words stuck inside crumpled ideas. [...]

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Jenny Banai – Gold

Hi Our Basement, The first lyrics of my latest single, "Gold," are I'm returning. What does it mean to return? In one ancient context, it means to repent. To repent also means to change direction. [...]

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New releases for the week ending July 17th 2020

Anna Sofia - Broken Perfection EP (Republic) Crack Cloud - Pain Olympics (Meat Machine) PAIN OLYMPICS by Crack Cloud Favours Band - Memoires Fionn - Everyone’s A Critic (604 Records) Jenny Banai - Inherited Couchwalker [...]