Hey Our Basement,

“Bang Bang,” which features on our brand new album, Iris is such a powerhouse of a tune. While we give a big nod to Sonny Bono and Cher’s original version, our interpretation of this song was most influenced by Nancy Sinatra’s take on it.

Our band started playing “Bang Bang” live a few years ago and since we never grew tired of performing it, we decided to record our rendition.

We hear this as a song of empowerment. With the many spotlights currently shining on ‘gaslighting,’ as well as mental and emotional mistreatment in general, we hope our version of “Bang Bang” moves you not only to dance but to speak up for yourself and others against hate and the abuse of power.

Iris is a little edgier and more sultry than our previous work. Most of these tracks were written in-between touring, when downtime was precious and our fingertips could wander across our instruments while we worked through thoughts about life, love and balance.

We hope the finished collection invites you to dance, sway, swoon and reflect, all in one place.

Thank you for listening,