UIC – FM Hill (Like Ninety Records)

Reid Jamieson – John 20:20

Veda Hille – Little Volcano

David Newberry – As Far Away As You Can Go Without Coming Back (JumpAttack! Records)

Doxas Brothers – The Circle (Justin Time)

Elwins – IV

Flowers of Hell – Outlanders

Gary Beals – Bleed My Truth

Hawksley Workman – Less Rage More Tears (Isadora)

Jason Blaine – Go With Me (eOne)

Johnny Orlando – It’s Never Really Over (Universal Music Canada,/ Island Records)

Leah Barley – Bring Out Your Dead

bandcalledmax – Turn It Up

Northcote – Let Me Roar (Black Box Music)

Odario – Good Morning Hunter

PUP – This Place Sucks Ass (Little Dipper Records / Universal Music Canada)

Pierre Kwenders and Clément Bazin – Classe Tendresse (Bonsound)

Plants and Animals – The Jungle (Secret City Records)

The Flamingos Pink – Outtacontroller (Label Étiquette)

William Prince – Gospel First Nation

Zones – Recursion