Hello Our Basement,

In a world of uncertainty and chaos and an overall general sense of loneliness, the possibility of companionship that comes with new love – be it romantic or any type of connection – has greater meaning now than in any other time.

The song I am writing to you to share, “New Love,” embodies our yearning for the what if, nestled in the hope and possibility for loving connection.

Virpi Kettu, who directed the music video for “New Love,” describes the significance of this experience perfectly: It’s a mantra expressed by symbols. It’s a connection shown in small looks and touches and floats within a world of possibility.

There are symbols of love everywhere. Sometimes it takes time and effort to fall in love and other times it is effortless. Whatever brings you the butterflies-in-the-belly feeling is worth a closer look.

Thank you for listening,
Ronley Teper