Our Basement,

After discovering that we were musical soulmates, my producer, Michael Rendall, and I began sending voice notes to each other from our respective homes in London and Vancouver.

We share a deep love of James Bond theme songs and decided to write our very own, entitled “Lock and Load.”

This is the first song Michael and I wrote together. I decided to fly him out to Canada to create my new album with me. The recording session began in March, right at the outset of the pandemic. Making a record is normally an isolating experience, but as the world slowly began to shut down, things got increasingly weird! By the second week there were just four of us left and we basically went into self-isolation together.

The recording experience itself was magical, as we approached everything with a very old skool mentality. We already had the orchestral parts down so all we had to capture was the band, and they really took it to the next level. A lot of first takes made this record, and you can hear that authenticity on it.

I escaped from normality to write “Lock and Load,” adopting an alter ego for this track’s dark fantasy of forbidden love and betrayal. Michael and I want you to get lost in fantasy as you listen, just like we did during the writing of this song.

I am looking forward to sharing more from my upcoming album with you!
🖤 Kandle