Hello Our Basement,

Think of that thrilling and terrifying period of time when you’ve fallen for someone, but don’t yet know if they feel the same. Our new single, “Hopelessly Hoping,” is about those nights spent laying awake in bed picturing life with this person, desperately hoping they feel the same, knowing full well you can’t force someone else’s emotions.

Do you stay up at night and think about me?
Do you toss and you turn ’cause you can’t fall asleep?

To turn it into a duet, we created a story where both people feel the connection, but neither is bold enough to let the other know. Mutually wondering if it’s a hopeless endeavour or something greater. The song ends and we still don’t actually have an answer. We’d like to think that it ends happily and they both figure it out.

Can’t wait for you to hear it,
X62 (ten•sixty•two)