Our Basement,

“Shameless” is an in-depth look at how this generation seeks instant gratification, willing to do anything for a quick ‘like’ to sell their souls for 15 minutes of fame.

Be sure to watch the official music video on YouTube while you’re at it.

Produced by Paul Marc Rousseau of Silverstein, “Shameless” is a blend of some new school and old school We Were Sharks. It’s a great representation of our forthcoming album in terms of energy and emotion.

Everyone knows someone that acts completely shameless in their actions, doing whatever they can to get one step in front of you, even if it means finding ugly ways to get there. It’s important to know how to identify who they are and how to cut them out of your life if need be.

Everything is fine
If I close my eyes
Then I won’t lose my mind

🦈 We Were Sharks 🦈