Ayelet Rose Gottlieb – 13 Lunar Meditations: Summoning the Witches (Bandcamp)

The Divorcees – Drop of Blood

Petric – Flashbacks

Royal Wood – Live At Massey Hall

Michael Peter Olsen – Yearning Flow (Hand Drawn Dracula)

Michael Peter Olsen Yearning Flow album release show LIVE from Toronto, ON 8pm EST this Friday, Featuring an opening set by Zoon

Cam Blake – Bad Vacation (Adagio Music/The Orchard)

Tucker Lane – Random Fireworks on a Beach Obscured by Trees

dvsn – Amusing Her Feelings (OVO Sound/Warner)

Layla Zoe- Nowhere left to go

Dave Restivo – Arancina (Chronograph Records)

Julien Manaud – Adaptation Vol. 2 ( Lisbon Lux Records)The Divorcees – Drop Of Blood