Hello Our Basement,

My late friend wrote “Little One” for my dad and me, and I fell in love with the lyrics. The song really made me think about my children and the love I have for them. How children come into the world so perfect, pure and innocent, but somehow our hearts become hardened as we grow older and experience the hardships of life.

He always wanted me to sing one of his songs. I really didn’t know how it was supposed to flow, or the melodies he had in mind, but it just came out naturally and without much thought. I know he would have been proud to hear it.

Children are born with faith, love and trust but for many, those beautiful qualities are slowly taken away, resulting in the current broken generation. As parents, we need to protect them; to be their nurturing and guiding presence along paths of hardships, troubles and sorrows.

I think about how God thinks of us in this way, as his precious and beloved children. He knew us before he knit us together in our mother’s womb. We are his little ones too. I hope this brings you comfort.

Carsen Gray