Bad Child – Free Trial (UMC)

Barry Paquin Roberge – Exordium To Extasy (Costume Records)

Dan Edmonds – Good Fortune Assembly

David Picco – Live It Down

Devan – Pink Noise

Edwin Raphael – Staring At Ceilings (Dine Alone Records)

Grumpy Kitty Boy – Show Me The Kibbles

Kyle Edward Connolly – On Arrival (Hand Drawn Dracula)

Leahy – Good Water

Mo Kenney – Covers

Molly Annelle – Elevator Music (604 Records)

Neil Young – Way Down In The Rust Bucket (Reprise)

Russell Louder – Humor (Lisbon Lux Records)

Steve Kroeger – Home

Tika – Anywhere But Here (Next Door Records)