Hey Our Basement,

This past year has been the ultimate test of whether familiarity breeds contempt. When you’re marooned at sea together, all sorts of things start to creep in. More insidious than contempt, the people we’re locked in with start to become a piece of furniture in our lives.

Days on repeat. Love ignored.

Our producer Dan Hosh (City & Colour, Arkells) asked us if we had anything slower and more melancholic to round out the upcoming EP. “Caught in a Dream” is it. Lightning struck and within a few days all the pieces, including the dreamy intro/outro, fell together. Lyrics were drawn from the zeitgeist (pre-capital raid, so talk of enemies at the gates and insurrection must have been in the ether) to describe those mundane struggles of a relationship.

Thank you for listening,
The Sarandons