New releases for the week ending October 13th 2017

Chastity - Chains Listening to the latest EP by Whitby, Ontario’s Chastity, you feel and inspiring level of energy as they turn anger into something constructive. Throughout its few tracks the band offer a tight [...]

Amy Cole departs from The Rural Alberta Advantage

By Regina Sienra Multi-instrumentalist Amy Cole has said farewell to The Rural Alberta Advantage. She was a long-time member of the Toronto-based trio. On Monday, September 12th, the band posted the following statement on their [...]

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The Weekend Word Weave – Covers

Many songs are not truly appreciate until someone else takes it on and makes it their own with the newer version often shining a light on the original’s hidden depths. Or it could be that [...]

OurBasement Playlist: Landmarks

By Regina Sienra Whether you live in a big city or small town Canada, there’s always a feeling of pride, belonging or representation when a building, a street, a station or any other landmark you [...]