Happy birthday, Canada! At 149 your shores are looking a little weathered, but then haven’t they always? That’s what adds to your charm.

For all of you celebrating the birth of the True North Strong and Free, I’ve put together a little (okay, big) playlist for you. A lot of things have come to symbolize Canada on the world stage. Politeness, beavers, maple syrup, Tim Hortons “coffee,” attractive and/or drug-using politicians. Seeing as we’re all about music here, I thought we could honour (with a U) the most Canadian song. No, not the Hockey Night In Canada Theme (rights now owned by a broadcaster with next to know hockey to broadcast…)

It was 36 years ago that O Canada became our official anthem (Fun fact: That happened to coincide with it’s 100th birthday.) The words should be familiar to all you hosers, and the occasional Yankee, too. If not, you’ll find them in the playlist below.

Each word (prepositions, conjunctions, etc. excluded) is represented, in order, in the songs selected by some truly excellent Canadian bands.

You’ll find indie favourites like Kathleen Edwards, Arcade Fire and Joel Plaskett (check out our Instagram for where Joel and other acts are playing for today’s celebrations.) Canadian classics are there too — Great Big Sea, Gord Downie. Hopefully you’ll find a new act you love, too. Maybe Hexes & Ohs or Twin River.

Make sure you listen to the playlist before the sun goes down, though. It will be hard to hear the music over the fireworks.

Happy Canada Day!