Playlist Friday: Mint Records

The playlist this week is the fifth in a series of playlists where we are checking out Canadian Independent Record Companies and the artists they represent. We have checked out Arts and Crafts, Constellation Records, [...]

New releases for the week ending September 27th 2019

Gilliam, Hall, Sorbara - Counter-stasis - Refracted Voices Counterstasis - Refracted Voices by Gilliam, Hall, Sorbara Harlequin Gold - Baby Blue Neil Little - S/T (indie) Neil Little by Neil Little Ruben Young - Dreamstate [...]

Playlist Friday: Canadian Indie Albums of 2014

Music from the year 2014 is what we are listening to this week. Some of the tracks seem like it was just recently they dropped but these albums were released four years ago. If you [...]

The Wild Raccoon Podcast for July 2018

For this months podcast, WR gives you his first every road trip mix tape. More music and less talk. What would you have had on there if it was your tape? (we might [...]

Our Anthem – A Top of Our Lungs Playlist

Happy birthday, Canada! At 149 your shores are looking a little weathered, but then haven't they always? That's what adds to your charm. For all of you celebrating the birth of the True North Strong [...]

Canadian Indie on Tour – July 2016 Edition is here to help you navigate your Canadian Indie Summer Concert Schedule.