By Regina Sienra and Tiffany Leeson

Imaginary Cities, the powerful band from Winnipeg, MB has announced their new – and sadly, last for the foreseeable future – EP Leftovers, which is out August 12th. . The band had been on an hiatus since the ever busy Rusty Matyas threw even more things into his schedule by producing records, joining big bands as a touring member – he just played in a Weakerthans reuion – and pursuing a degree in musical therapy.

Now, the Leftovers EP is just a break before an even longer indefinite hiatus album. The songs on it are unused cuts from their sophomore album Fall of Romance (2013). They left us with this tweet:

“Set my Heart on Fire”is the first track they’ve release as a preview to their 4 track EP and you can have a listen here:

It’s not all about the good-bye-for-now though! Marti Sarbit, the lead singer, has announced that Lanikai, her new project, will be releasing music this fall.