Playlist Friday: Canadian Indie Albums of 2013

The year 2013 was not a very good one for me but luckily there was plenty of good music to get me through. Music has a way of uplifting and inspiring us to keep going [...]

Playlist Friday: Canadian Indie Albums of 2011

What were you doing in 2011? The tracks on the playlist this week are from Canadian Indie albums released in 2011. Music has a way of transporting us to a different time in our memories [...]

The Wild Raccoon Podcast for July 2018

For this months podcast, WR gives you his first every road trip mix tape. More music and less talk. What would you have had on there if it was your tape? (we might [...]

Imaginary Cities teaches us how to say good-bye – for now

By Regina Sienra and Tiffany Leeson Imaginary Cities, the powerful band from Winnipeg, MB has announced their new - and sadly, last for the foreseeable future - EP Leftovers, which is out August 12th. . The band had been [...]

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