8 Random Questions with … Expanda Fuzz

1)Would you like to introduce yourself? For sure. Hello, we're Expanda Fuzz from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We are a duo that makes distorted and fuzzy, post-punk-pop songs. Bleep Blorp! 2)When and why did you start [...]

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8 Random Questions with … Victory Chimes

1)Would you like to introduce yourself? This Is Jeff Louch of Victory Chimes. 2)When and why did you start playing? My parents put me and my 3 brothers in piano lessons when we were young. [...]

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Playlist Friday: Black History Month in Canada

By Darlene Barss Playlist Friday this week is to honour Black History Month with the focus being on black musicians of Canada and the music they make. Our playlist has a couple of musicians from [...]

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Imaginary Cities teaches us how to say good-bye – for now

By Regina Sienra and Tiffany Leeson Imaginary Cities, the powerful band from Winnipeg, MB has announced their new - and sadly, last for the foreseeable future - EP Leftovers, which is out August 12th. . The band had been [...]

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