By Regina Sienra

Tomorrow, August 20, Canada will pause to celebrate the legacy of Gord Downie. To pay tribute to The Tragically Hip, a band that captured and reflected about a everyday life in the Great White North, and created a particular brand of unity in a country as diverse as wide by doing so. The band of Canada will take the stage as the Man Machine Poem Tour comes to a close at the K-Rock Centre in Kingston.

The historic event will be showing across the CBC. On your TV, tune in CBC Television at 8:30 ET; On radio, the show will be on Radio One and Radio 2, as well as Sirius XM Channel 169. From your computer and mobile devices, go to,, or just bookmark this page and stream it from here:

Pretty much every bar, restaurant and home in the country will be showing the concert, but here’s a map with several locations where you can be part of this historic event.

Get ready for the show

Check out our review of the first night of the Man Machine Poem Tour in Toronto or listen to this playlist that features songs that have been played during the Man Machine Poem Tour.

Where are you watching the show tomorrow? What songs would you like to hear? What does this show mean to you? What is your Tragically Hip story? Let us know in the comments and join us on Saturday for a live discussion with fellow fans of The Tragically Hip.


Here are some stories by of our readers on what The Tragically Hip means for them.

“I first saw The Tragically HIp in a basement hall and Gordie had long flowing locks. I remember being amazed at the energy of that lead singer jumping around and how great the band was. I saw them a couple times after that, once with The Sadies opening for them. The last time I saw them a couple weeks ago in Edmonton. It was like no other concert experience I have ever had. The music was tight and great, of course, but the energy of the crowd and the love in that stadium are what I will never forget”.

-Darlene Barss. Regina, SK.

“I have had my share of moments with The Hip as the soundtrack starting way back in ’89. I regret never having seen them live as I’ve been told by many that their shows were epic. Honestly I’m not so into nationalism but I agree that the Canadian identity has been hugely influenced by these men in a meaningful way. It’s all very emotional”.

-Miriam Hookings. Bancroft, ON

“The Hip were my first arena rock concert, when I was in grade 9. I’ve seen them in concert another five times after that. Always a great concert, and their opening bands were often some of Canada’s finest indie bands. Plaskett, the Rheostatics, Weakerthans, etc. I feel lucky to have seen them as often as I have. Even during all my musical fads and phases, The Hip were a constant to me, even when it was uncool to like them, I still did. Sometimes they were more prevalent in my life than others but they were always there”.

-Tom Westoll. Winnipeg, MB.

“I have a Hip memory that relates to the Olympics. I drove down to Atlanta in 1996 with my friend Terry Cutts to watch the Olympic games down there. The Tragically Hip was in heavy rotation on our long drive. I don’t know if anyone else experiences this but there are certain songs that evoke memories of hearing them in specific places. ‘Wheat Kings’ is crossing the border into the USA for me”.

-Frank Hannan. Toronto, ON.