Graham Ko – Outside Looking In (Independent)

Barenaked Ladies And The Persuasions – Ladies And Gentlemen: Barenaked Ladies and The Persuasions

The album blends a rich sound of the Persuasion with the distinct voices of the BNL. There isn’t just one singer/band doing all the sounds and the other backing them. The album blends both them. One example of the mixing, is the remake of BNL ‘The Old Apartment’. The song was on the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ back in the 90’s. Instead of the BNL sing the song, the member of the Persuasions covering the tune; it gives the song a fresh sound. The whole album has flare and style, like you would expect from true professionals. (Patch Cord News)

CO/NTRY – Cell Phone 1 (Fantôme Records)

Though the band likes to think of themselves as genre-neutral, their music cycles through a wide variety of styles with manic indifference. The name — originally “Country” — was chosen because it was confusing and impossible to search for online, in the tradition of enigmatic acts like Boston and Chicago. The new version was selected with greater visibility in mind, provided people can remember how to spell it, or are aware that the name has changed at all.(Northern Transmissions)

Hollerado – Born Yesterday (Royal Mountain Records)

The title track from Hollerado’s new album, Born Yesterday, almost never made it onto the recording. The Toronto-based quartet’s members thought they had finished writing all the songs for this new album when guitarist Nixon Boyd told his bandmates he had come up with yet another riff. (CBC Music) {or you can read what our own Michael Wynn had to say about this album yesterday}