If you are a regular here, and why wouldn’t you be, you might be able to remember that we had the privilege of debuting Natural Sympathies’ video for Moon Landing six weeks ago.

Once again, for the second time, we are lucky enough to bring you Amber Goodwyn’s newest video in the form of Space Invaders directed by Ian Campbell. (remember to subscribe)

You can download the original EP, in full, for free via Bandcamp, along with the simultaneously released remixes by Pop Quiz.

*edit* Oh and don’t be like me by remembering that you can see Natural Sympathies performing on the main floor of the Palomino as part of the Alberta Music Showcase portion of Regina’s Sled Island Festival on June 23rd (this Friday) *here endeth the edit*

What do you think of Amber’s EP? Would you like us to feature more from new artistic ventures? Please let us know in the comments below.