On August 24th, Cuff The Duke will re-release their seminal self-titled album. The LP will be available via Limited Edition 12” Clear Vinyl. This is the first time the record has been pressed on vinyl. In anticipation, the band is releasing a previously unreleased video for single & fan favourite “Take My Money and Run.”

The video was originally part of the ‘enhanced’ special edition version of the CD but was never officially released. It now sees a proper release, almost 13 years to the day it was filmed.

Upon looking back on the album & video, vocalist Wayne Petti notes:
“If you’re a fan of Cuff The Duke, then you are probably aware that we have had a few different lineups over the years. I have fond memories of all the years I spent playing in Cuff The Duke but in working on the vinyl release of our self-titled album, it really brought me back to how fun those years were. Everything was new, everything was a first: the first time we sold out a show in advance, the first time we played in a hockey arena, the first time we were on TV, and the first time we made a real music video.

We worked on this album on and off for over a year. Certain songs (Take my Money and Run, Future Hangs, No Sleep, No Heat and Belgium or Peru) had already become live staples by the time we released the album.

The Take My Money and Run video was the first real video we ever made and the only one made with this lineup (Matt Faris on drums, Paul Lowman on bass, Jeff Peers on lead guitar, and me on vocals and rhythm guitar). We made it on a hot June afternoon in an old loading dock. It was to be included on an enhanced CD (remember those?!) version of our record. The video is simple and to the point, which when I think back on it, was exactly the kind of band we were at the time.”

What classic albums would you like to see released on vinyl for the first time?